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How it Works
For Consumers

Consumers can easily use the SlidePoll application to measure any of their favorite videos and to share your results across most social applications.

First, download the application from iTunes or Google Play and create an account or create one directly from the SlidePoll web page. Once your account has been activated, enter in the URL of the video that you would like measure or upload it directly from the web page. If you upload a video, you may share that video with up to 10 people to get their feedback at no cost.

For Businesses

Create your account.

Select your pricing tier (monthly license fees or per video polled)

Load your video(s) to SlidePoll. Existing users who have subscribed to your video channel and have downloaded the SlidePoll application will receive a notification on their mobile device that they have new videos to review in their folders.

SlidePoll can assist in developing the email or mobile marketing campaign to push your video to your users. Alternatively, we will provide you with a custom URL (e.g. www.slidepoll.com/coca-cola) that you can embed in your marketing content that will allow your users to download the SlidePoll application and set up an account.

If desired, you can submit your targeted audience and any previously captured demographic information to load into the application. Alternatively, SlidePoll can set the application to require the user to enter in some basic information (or capture it from Facebook) to collect the desired demographics.

Once users begin polling your videos, you will have access to live reporting for each video showing you the responses collected across the entire video in aggregate and based on any demographics that you have on the users. For example, if you wish to review the responses of female audience members who are over 30 then you can filter the reports to show this.

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